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In today’s busy world, we have more food choices than ever before, and too often, good nutrition is compromised for the sake of convenience. Enabled by a world of fast foods, we often make choices that eventually lead to unfavorable outcomes. And…in the absence of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle, it’s only a matter of time before we “pay the piper!”

No one diet fits all! At BDC, you will be armed with stress-free, practical solutions to help you overcome temptation and make healthier choices without dieting!

Each client will receive a confidential one-on-one consultation that includes a personal health history and lifestyle assessment:

  1. Medical health history
  2. Personal food & lifestyle preference
  3. Nutrition & exercise knowledge quiz

In return, clients will receive scientifically-based advice, customized strategies, and practical recommendations. If you’re looking for health consulting in Alexandria, let Barbara help you reach your personal health goal by signing up for a consultation below.


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Why Choose Barbara Doherty Nutrition Consulting?

Barbara Doherty offers programs for health consulting in Alexandria, VABarbara Doherty is an oncology nurse clinician with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science. “As a health care clinician, I have seen too many people die unnecessarily from self-inflicted disease; diseases caused from poor diet and [lack of] exercise. Let’s change that, shall we?”

Your health is my passion, and I practice what I preach!

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According to the World Health Organization, globally in 2008, 63% of ALL deaths were due to chronic diseases and conditions, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes type 2.  Poor diets are the major contributory factors in all of them.


Power Walking: The Miracle Exercise

Things Happen for a Reason On Saturday, February 28, 1987, I ran my last marathon.  It was the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, TX.  I never ran again. It all started and ended one beautiful sunny day in February 1987.  I had spent the 2 weeks before the marathon nursing a painful and swollen knee […]


Barb’s Spicy Pumpkin Pasta Sauce

Fall is here and so is pumpkin season! Get into the spirit of the season with this Spicy Pumpkin Sauce. The sauce pairs perfectly with whole wheat or any pasta of your choosing and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.

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