I’m sure you are aware of the surplus of health and nutrition information on the news, in the media, and online. You may even have had some exposure to local health coaching. While some coaches are fantastic, others are not quite as educated and well-informed. Let’s face it! We are continuously bombarded with health news every day. One day coffee is bad for us; the next day we learn it prevents cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. But keep in mind…Not all the information you hear or read is equal, accurate or relevant.

At Barbara Doherty Consulting, we are committed to providing you with the most current, accurate research information on nutrition and your health in general. More importantly, the information you find in this section is well researched, written and presented by reputable and accomplished nutrition and medical experts. We hope the content contained in this section will inspire you and your intellectual curiosity. Remember, your health is my passion!

OUR GOAL: Your good health.

We want you to achieve and sustain a healthy, active, and fully engaged life.

Through exposure to published information in this section, we seek to ensure that healthy lifestyle practices become an integral part of your life.