bookGeorge Mateljan – I LOVE this man!   As far as I’m concerned, George Mateljan is the father of good health and nutrition, and his book The World’s Healthiest Foods (WHF) is “my Bible” (sorry Dr. Oz).  George Mateljan has dedicated his life to making a healthier world.  He has traveled the world learning, and teaching people how to eat healthy and thrive.  George was a pioneer in the promotion of organic agriculture in the United States and received the National Nutritional Food’s Association’s 1st Presidents Award for his work in the natural foods industry

And no, George Mateljan is not a Vegan nor is his book geared to Vegans. It’s just an incredibly good book about healthy food and proper cooking techniques!  That’s all I can say; and I’m hooked.  The book contains in-depth information on a variety of nutritious (whole) foods, great recipes, meals and menus, food origins, and nutrient and caloric value – plus much, much more.

George Mateljan is best-known for his “healthy sauté.”  He recommends cooking plant foods, in water or broth (or in my case, white wine) vs. sautéing them in oils or fats.  Many “celebrity” cooks, especially those on TV will sauté, cook, and fry with olive oil because olive oil is the new health trend – but au contraire.  Olive oil, in its cold, unheated state is very healthy, but when heated beyond its smoking point, it is not.   When you cook, sauté, or bake with olive oil, or any vegetable oil for that matter, in temperatures ≥ 200°, the heat causes a chemical change in the oil’s properties rendering it unhealthy and often toxic.  Most cooking oils have what is called a smoking point, the point at which the oil begins to smoke, change taste, and nutrients break down.  If heated beyond its smoking point, the properties in the oil can actually become toxic.  The WHF recommends “sautéing” foods in water or broth, and then adding the healthy olive oil in its cold-pressed, nutritionally-beneficial state before serving.  This allows for both a fresher flavor and greater health benefits.  Once you try sautéing in this fashion, you will never go back!

So buy the book and fall in love – just as I did.  I promise you won’t regret it.  If you love to cook and eat healthy, it will instantly become one of your most prized possessions.  If you want to stop dieting forever, feel great, have more energy, look younger, and age healthy, and you need some help achieving these goals, then sign up for a personal consultation or attend one of my health & wellness lectures. For more information, contact me at, (703) 408–4075, or at the link below.

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