Barbara Doherty has authored many articles, made presentations, and lectured on Nutritional Health & Wellness. Below is a sampling of some of her health, wellness, and nutrition lectures and lecture series.

The GORS vs. GORR Lecture Series
The Disease of Aging and Medical Nutrition: Food over Medicine

Presented by:
Barbara A. Doherty, RN, MS, BSN, PAHM, LNC, CCM, CHC

What does the term GORS vs. GORRS mean? It means “Getting Old Really Sucks or Getting Old Really Rocks!” I prefer the latter.

The Goal of the Medical Nutrition Lecture Series is to provide my audience with the most common, diet-induced medical conditions, both physically and financially crippling, that can be prevented or reversed – through diet. Many medical conditions often develop or are exacerbated by an improper or unhealthy diet. Why are the diseases of aging so tragic? Because most are preventable!! The disease of aging lecture series consists of five lectures that includes a healthy food/wine tastings and handouts related to these diseases, nutrition, and exercise.

As a registered nurse clinician by profession, I have more than 40 years of clinical and health care experience, and many years of nutrition education. I am a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York with a Masters Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition from Northeastern University in Boston. I am also a Certified Health Coach.

How you age is up to you! Attend my lectures and learn what you can do to prevent or reverse the crippling diseases of aging.

“If it is to be, it is up to me.”
-William H. Johnsen

Lecture One

Cardiovascular Disease: Diseases of the Heart and Vessels
Disease Overview, Causes, Risk Factors, Dietary Prevention, & Treatment
The Heart-healthy Diet: Simple and delicious dietary changes to prevent or reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.
Food & Wine Tasting: Heart Healthy Foods (including Chocolate), Black Tea & Red Wine

Lecture Two

Cancer: The Big “C”
Disease Overview, Causes, Risk Factors, Dietary Prevention & Treatment
The Anti-cancer Diet: Nutrition strategies to reduce your risk of getting cancer.
Food & Wine Tasting: Phytonutrient-rich Plant Foods, White Tea & White/Red Wines

Lecture Three

Diabetes Type 2: The “Adult” Debilitating Disease
Diabetes-2 Overview, Causes, Risk Factors, Dietary Prevention & Treatment
The Diabetes Diet: Eating to prevent, control, and even reverse diabetes.
Food & Wine Tasting: Low Glycemic Appetizers, Herbal Tea & White/Red Wines

Lecture Four

Arthritis: The Painful, PROGRESSIVE Disease
Arthritis Overview, Causes, Risk Factors, Dietary Prevention & Treatment
The Anti-inflammatory Diet: Dietary Changes DO Improve & Arrest Arthritis + Foods to Avoid
Food & Wine Tasting: OMEGA-rich, Anti-inflammatory Foods, Green Tea & Red Wine

Lecture Five

Alzheimer’s Disease: The “Robber”
Alzheimer Overview, Causes, Risk Factors, Dietary Prevention & Treatment
The Anti-Alzheimer’s Diet: Foods high in fruits and vegetables, EFAs, and good quality “fats.”
Food & Wine Tasting: Omega-rich Foods, Vegetables high in Vitamin E, Nuts, “Healthy” Fats, Black Tea & Red/White Wines

All Lectures…………………..$20

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