Have you arrived at embracing the opportunity to make nutrition the ultimate undertaking in your life journey? Barbara Doherty, IS the person for you to connect with. Her expertise is one that affords you an array of possibilities and one that is uniquely designed for you! You will embark upon a welcomed journey that promotes you making your nutritional intake your own. You will be supported THROUGHOUT by Barbara and WILL arrive at achieving and maintaining your goal(s). Understanding the benefits of nutrition is key and one that Barbara Doherty WILL energetically teach, support and guide you through. Your journey awaits! I share this from 8 years of personal experience with Barbara Doherty’s expertise and am available to discuss in more detail with you.
Embrace the Journey,
Susan Oliveri
I thoroughly enjoyed the nutritional classes that Barbara Doherty taught. Barbara educated me on so many issues that I was not aware of dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, nutrition, heart disease, and diabetes. Barbara is extremely knowledgeable, willing to share her thoughts, ideas, recipes and a very caring person. I will be taking more of her nutrition classes in the upcoming months. Thank you Barbara for all of the wonderful information you have given me.
Jane E. King, Realtor
I first starting seeing Barbara to learn how to help my husband follow a diet for cancer. He had done research ,and wanted to eliminate, red meat, dairy, processed foods, along with adding soy to his diet. I am a wonderful cook, but this presented a challenge for me. Barbara helped me navigate nutrition and recipes to replace those I knew in order to follow my husband’s regimen. Although Barbara is admittedly vegan and vegetarian herself, she understands that I am not and she knows I never will be. She understands that everybody is different and never tries to influence me to go in that direction. Soon after I started seeing her it became apparent that not only was she helping me help my husband, but my own interest in eating healthy foods, losing weight and being more mindful about food were being addressed as well. Barbara is a wealth of information. She will give me an article or cite research to back up everything she says , and her fabulous recipes that she regularly sends me to support my efforts have helped me tremendously. She is very much against calorie counting and fad diets. Instead, she encourages mindful eating and good food choices that are not only healthy, but delicious. Barbara is different from every nutritionist I have ever known. She is warm, supportive and never judgmental. With her wonderful sense of humor, she encourages me in every way. It is as if she sits on my shoulder as I make food decisions each day. Whether it is to be more healthy, lose weight, address a serious illness through nutrition or lifestyle change interest, there is nobody more equipped, more passionate about helping other people through nutrition than Barbara. Not only that, but I truly look forward to my visits with Barbara because I feel better leaving her every time. I have learned through Barbara that through baby steps and mindfulness, one can make positive changes through nutrition.
Annette Levitine-Woodside